Lucky andy wahrhol

Red  Squirrel Rising

Influenced by Progressive Rock

In ways you forgot you knew

 A feast of soothing, shattering equilibrium


Your Distraction is Our Pleasure

You Are Welcome



The Alien Squirrel Nuts are here. they are being translated slowly. Doctor BrestinHanz has been DECIPHERING THE nUTs FROM 1975....

 the only way to truly understand this    is to  play it...

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Red Squirrel                 

Your distraction is our pleasure 

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"We are but one simple, complex, fronic tail twitch in this world.


Deciphering these alien Squirrel nuts will take time...."

 Squirrelisms  ? 
Squirrel   Brains....
wait for it.jpg
jeff moment3.jpg
Twirl Moment.jpg
Lucky Longtail 

(Code name:  "Eric")


I am transfixed. Limbs, Leaves and Tree. Yet I carry these interpretations. Squirrel instinct makes me scurry and twitch. And the twitching is beautiful......

Sciuri Thumpus
(Code Name:  "Jeff")
Breathing. Heart beat. Subtlity. Contentment in the form of nuts and nests. My tail is thumping, twitching....
Rocky Rattatatus
(Code Name:  "Raven")
Be  still  my  . .  twitching . . .  Heart . . . .   Beat .  .  .  .  .  .  ..

Eric Standley, Jeff Joiner, and Raven Nicholson formed Red Squirrel Rising in August 2016.   Eric, Jeff, and Raven welcome you to our website.

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